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  • At Akshar gravures we offer gravure cylinder solution that compete with the finest world wide.
    Value for money for products and services we tender are our strength and driving force to our business. It's more significant than ever to reaffirm our assurance on this common philosophy and it subsequent set of values.
Quality Assurance


Digital Pre-Press

A complete and unbeatable our Digital Pre-press lab uses specialized packaging software to match gravure printing requirements. The software is equipped with graphics alignments, colour calibration and its separation, distortion, etc.

Digital/chromaline proofing before engraving

Very important to verify job prior to production to meet all the requirement and assurance of client we provide digital chromo line proofing throw our specialized well known equipment to our industry.
Software Development


Very important, to keep the confidentiality of a job task, we have one of the best ERP solution that makes assure to maintain a data secrecy.


Our Post Press Department is fully equipped with all Industry Standard Machinery. We have in-house facility of Lathe Machine, Copper Platting and its Polishing. To optimize the productivity of each machine we are link this department with ERP.
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